Monday, February 24, 2014

Clandestine Climb into a Cult College

Believe it or not, there's this whole suburb in a New Zealand town that belongs to a religious cult. Thinking society was too corrupt for their members, this cult built an entire suburb in the 1950's. Flourishing in the 60-80's this cult town has now become an ghost-ish town.

We are the first people to explore the college. Unlike most other NZ high schools, but designed like an American high school - where the cult originated from. 

First we hit the dorms, it was a boarding school due to its secluded location.

Propaganda magazines from 1965 lie in the stripped rooms

Most things were removed from the dorms, corridors were filled with mirrors, tiles and useless things

Door-less showers: "Haha you're fat"

The plumbing of the old laundry room, minus the actual machines

After trying 100's of windows, Tansix found one loose and here lies the main building of the college.

And we landed in the music block- which is severely infested with mold after years of no sunlight. But this place must have been grand. Came with a few recording studios, vintage vinyls and still usable music equipment. 

That mold on the floor doesn't look too great in my lungs... had to run away when I couldn't hold my breath any longer than a few lo-fi shots. (Brand of piano was Hilton & Hilton (American)) 

And while walking in pitch black, I tripped over this sad double bass lying in the corridor. 

Only rich cults can afford such luxury, standard sized indoor swimming pool... 

When was the last time the clock arms spun?

Where did all the diving boards go? 

Main auditorium. Why did they just remove all chairs from one side?

Wow! A legit organ.. But too bad all the pipes have been removed

A totally American style gymnasium with bleachers and all! Note the hoops retracted on the roof. Under the plastic sheets, lie the cult's logo, members trying to protected from upcoming decay I guess. 

OMG! Under the white sheet, lay a Steinway and Sons... I wanna take it home...
(Note the blue carpet.. This cult has its own logo-ed carpets)

Cafeteria with the ghost lines, lining up for ghost chips

Witches' cauldrons. This is seriously the biggest commercial kitchen I have seen in an urbex.

Who dares to climb in this deadly looking contraption of the 50's 
(Someone actually did, it lead to the basement which was a giant freezer) 

Funny, the school slogan was "build now for the future" the only future it looks to be having is one of decay

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