Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Reliving a Near Death Experience

Since my clunky 2009 Toshiba Laptop could not be revived and subsequently no photoshop, I've lived a placid life, devoid of any thrills of exploration. But whilst contemplating New Years Resolutions 2019 I yielded that Urbex is my absolute true life passion. Nothing gives me the same sense of euphoria or peace. I don't need to justify myself to anyone, it's mine.

What better way to start by reliving the closest I got to death at the Formosa Plastics Corp in the industrial plains of Kaohsiung. Without further ado or any photo editing.

The usual entry, the stripped out factory basement floor

Amuse-bouche: Keep Environment Hygienic Clean

The appetiser: Safety First

And then, that's as far as I got because I was sniffed down by packs of ravished barking dogs (of so many varying breeds - chihuahuas to angry big ones - ironically abandoned by owners). Seemed like up was the only way to go, they would totally outrun me in the fields of uncut grass. 

So for the next three hours I sit on the rooftop of this particular factory, contemplating if this was going to be my last day of life. To call the Emergency Services or not, my life would still be over. There was a great view but I really wasn't in the right frame of mind to take a photo... 

In the end I decided dying of dehydration in the scorching sun would be the worst. Cursed as I almost could not open the emergency rooftop door, because of how hard I jammed it shut with the canines metres behind me. Found some flimsy metal pipe on the wall, ripped it out. Still thank my lucky stars that the dogs got bored and left as I dashed my way out and into the nearest beverage shop. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Howl of Five Thousand Foetuses [Part 2]

Since I last left off [Part 1] I've gone through multiple bouts of "fuck this shit" and a few broken computers. So I can't actually remember where I hopped off my train of thought. So whatever. Some disjointed bits and pieces.

So y'all kind of knew you were doomed - just by a day or two before you got kicked out.

Cheap'n'cheerful portrait of front of hospital in its hey-day (judging from the BMW early 90's)

Pic that most whom been here has somehow taken an interest in, snapped up and posted... Why don't I join in the trend also..  (Little drug trays FYI)

And we zoom out into the floor reception


Stranger danger. Guess who is lurking behind the corner., Yes, that was why I said the stairs were creepy in my prequel blogpost 

Why so you so blue? Cuz some kid with the same name as me came here before me...

To be continued on a day when I have a clearer idea on life. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

To: D' Joker Ronsky

If I ever find you, whoever signed this mural - I'll be your Valentine, yours forever.

Found this in an abandoned retirement village/hospital on an abandoned mountainside town in Kaohsiung Taiwan - August 2016. Mural signed "D' Joker Ronsky" c.1999 - Valentines Day.

Yes, when I come out of my depression, I will write a post about this abandoned utopia of a mountainside. I died and went to heaven here. Almost didn't want to come back...

I'm back anyway, so Happy Valentines to All - Go Fuck Yourself

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Howl of Five Thousand Foetuses [Part 1]

Or was it the howl of the typhoon? Yes i know i'm not the first to enter this but i bet you no one has gone in the middle of a tropical typhoon (Typhoon Nida FYI), alone.

This place specialised in cheap abortions, colonoscopies and dialysis - a private elective procedure kind of place, if you didn't qualify for the (very shitty) public health system. But because the land belonged to the Church, they didn't want another 5000 foetuses on their list of sins. So 1966-2012 RIP and the 100,000s of baby souls.


Sorry, urbex is all about breaking rules. 
And i had no other option than to kick half the door down in midst of a typhoon.

Off to the wards on Level 5! Totally PIXAR lamp themed!

Want to sit? Sign up to our dialysis package!

i really couldn't work out the purpose of this window. But who cares, it looks cool!

Welcome to the Level 6 Wards (FYI i took the creepy stairs, the elevator didn't work) 
[Augmentin = Amoxycillin + Clavulanic Acid]

Cubicle Life

Cubicle #1

Cubicle #2

Yet to be finished.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Last and the Least

Day 1 House 4 - If the others were a beauty, 11 Richmond Hill Rd is a beast.

I hate being mean, but really this looked and smelt more like a hoarder's abode...

Always encouraging

Paedophile's dream

That in the background, I find out later is what the NZ ARMY used for live military target practise...

This oven is so old... it was the same model as the one our family owned in the 1970's..

I see why the three children left now 

Little ol' Sofie Graf-Russell - She's in the same year as me and after some research I think she now works at a pub in Queenstown and is anorexicly skinny if you're looking for other differences!

Let's go catch some nightmares!

Day 1 House 3 Sumner (okay it's actually the same house as 2 but it's so insane it deserves two posts)

DANGER: LIVE WIRES... Now that's what I call a warm welcome!

Oh the irony. I'll get a dreamcatcher if I ever want to grow a pot plant in my room.

  1. a small hoop containing a horsehair mesh decorated with feathers and beads, believed by American Indians to give its owner good dreams.

"Whaddyu mean stone? Stop disturbin' my foosball championship game momma!"

"Good Afternoon, uhhm I'm just calling in to ask if the Pink Batts lifetime warranty applies for cases of giant boulders ripping a hole in the roof in the event of an earthquake?"

Time flies when you're enjoying it - These babies are now all in high school/university...

Friday, August 7, 2015

Party Rock Anthem.. No Joke.

Day 1 House 2 Sumner 

I wasn't actually joking - LMFAO you must be proud of that party rock

Party Rock is in the House Tonight - no wait, in the Kitchen Today 

The Ghetto of India

Day 1 House 1 Sumner

face it, this is probably the closest i'll get to a real indian ghetto. reality: Somewhere on Wakefield Ave but i'll still treasure this place as the first discovery Aaron and I made in the suburb of the quake damaged Sumner. Ghetto really means a condemned house filled with junk that no one is legally able to go in a retrieve. India is really this girl called Indy Kraal. She went to St Andrews College, a private college in CHCH and just graduated from physiotherapy at AUT. She is a year older than me and loves competing in triathlons. Funny if I meet her one day at work... 

These pink stickers decorating front doors of million dollar houses in Sumner are usually what people dread. But to our eyes it means we've struck gold! Aaron says when he goes on shopping sprees in peoples condemned houses he doesn't want to know a thing about who they were. But I guess I don't take a thing (apart from all the dust and mould I inhale) so that's why I make it my purpose to find out as much as I can about some random family while I trespass. 

Owner of the house and India's mother is Helen Kraal. She works for Deloitte and her ex-husband Philip Kraal owns an Italian restaurant somewhere in CHCH.

Oh my! Then who is Craig Prior? He is the golf obsessed partner of Helen who works for the Police - note the police dog plush.. Yes golf obsessed as in the garage looked like a golf shop, with myriads of golf bags, golf hats, golf shoes etc. 

I was a tad hungry - but after I realised how everything in the pantry expired in 2011, I lost all my appetite. The only thing that wasn't expired was the Chambord, which Aaron took no surprise..

Such a pity I was covered in dust but the water was cut off in such a flash showerbox.. 

Saad looking Saab.  

Friday, June 19, 2015

杏(仁森)林 Almond Forest Hospital Part 4 - Enigma

The last resident of the Presidential Suite. Offering a million bucks to whoever finds her.

Humble childhood - Sepia Sixties/Seventies

Into the Eighties with this even more enigmatic colour picture

Oh wow, wooden high heeled clogs. What a fashionista!

Does anyone still use Lanvin in the 21st Century?

I wonder if she ever lay like a Greek Goddess on this Chaise Longue in her own private lounge adjoined to her bedroom.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

杏(仁森)林 Almond Forest Hospital Part 3 - A rich man's room

If you wanted to pay triple, you could have your own en suite and other amenities.

The world will never change.. Some are born rich, some are born poor. And we'll probably stay this way for the rest of our lives truth be told. 

NOTE: Click on each photo to enlarge :)

monster in the wardrobe

who doesn't want a motley mosaic bathtube?

such a hi tech flash TV ... for the 80's

this 1992 newspaper cutting translates "appreciate your other half" 

hungry for some Neo Neo?

i think i just walked into a paedophile's room.... time to run...

 Aw shoot, there's no where to hide in the lounge

Look out for Part 4 - Who is the mysterious girl...