Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's not Detroit, It's Christchurch

If only I had all the time in the world to explore this Urbex Jungle. Too bad I only had one day and one night to traverse in Wonderland.

I ain't guna post up all those touristy street photos that normal passerbys snap up while walking past. This is the inside of the mess, where I break into condemned buildings and see how things have stayed in a time capsule of Feb 22 2011. This is a panorama of the chaos, where I climb scaffolds and ladders onto rooftops of buildings being demolished. 

This is as busy as a city centre intersection gets on a Friday night in Ghost-town.

Rubble rubble everywhere, even from 3 stories up.

Christchurch City Skyline from 16 storey rooftop. 

The Millenium Hotel looked right in place in a zombie apocalypse.

The famous Christ"Church" from 8 stories high rooftop. (normal people only get to see the white fence)

Second scariest spot!

A wedding photo left in a painting shop

Cafe! With unopened bottles of Phoenix Ginger Beer. Too bad they expired 3 years ago...

A condemned pub. Walked into a hole inside!

The emptied Centennial Pools.

The Oaks Residences mailboxes

"Soapy's Laundromat"

Seems like many artists have been here.

More of what it was like INSIDE the aftermath, check out separate posts 
"Yrnst and Eoung"

Which were too big for this post!

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