Thursday, January 8, 2015

杏(仁森)林 - Almond Forest Hospital Part 1

Gutted by state of this place, compared to the 2010 newspaper article pictures... After an hour of taking a bus, another hour of taking a train, then another hour of walking on foot, I only discovered that the stocked pharmacies and intact surgical theatres were all broken promises.

But in saying that, I did have five hours to kill in this place so by the end, I knew it back to front.

The floor plan is in the shape of an 8. The middle bit of each floor served as a floor reception. There are 5 levels and a rooftop. Level 1 is the main reception and pharmacy area. Level 2 comprises of three surgical theaters, an x-ray viewing center and a few consultation rooms. Level 3 and 4 are dozens of in-patient bedrooms for normal plebeians, small individual rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Level 5 has a giant presidential suite for a presumably extremely wealthy patient, around a handful of luxury suites for wealthy patients and a kitchen + dining hall.   

I'll stop boring you with words and let you experience it for yourself.

NOTE: Click on each photo to enlarge :) 

general feel of this place summed up in this picture

almost feels like a school

looking down at the garden from 3rd floor

this garden is probably tidier than my own garden... 

surprisingly sturdy staircase (floor reception in background)

the scene which broke my heart (it no longer looks like a surgical theater)

ether: used as an anesthetic - a few decades ago.. 


Last but not least, the place was strewn with mementos of a Japanese ruled era. The whole hospital is suspended in some sort of 70's Japanese themed atmosphere.

Part 2: Time Capsule is now up! 


  1. Cool explore! Terrible shame about the vandalism:( How have you found Asia to explore? Do you feel safe or is it scary?

    1. Thanks for reading :) Check out Part 2!

      Asia is 10x safer and easier to access than NZ in my opinion, because no one really cares if you trespass. But only if you do a bit of research or have contacts, otherwise it's hard to find locations :)