Sunday, February 8, 2015

杏(仁森)林 Almond Forest Hospital Part 2 - A poor man's room

Patients were evacuated immediately hence many patient's memories and possessions still remain scattered in each room. I was walking into a time capsule suspended from a time before I was born (1993 when this place was abandoned permanently.) Again I'll let all the pictures do the talking.

NOTE: Click on each photo to enlarge :)

each basic room had a small bed and some drawers

and a couch 

Time Capsule: September 1989

Era of wooden clogs - before the plastic industry explosion

Retro Darlie toothpaste: 黑人牙膏

80's pornography is nothing compared to... now

PENIC panic - I don't even want to know where it goes. 

This translates to "Wishful Toothache Water" 

Zyloric tabs  - for gouty arthritis, still used now

Someone has been naughty... Nah it's actually just some old fashioned Taiwanese energy drink! 

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