Saturday, May 23, 2015

杏(仁森)林 Almond Forest Hospital Part 3 - A rich man's room

If you wanted to pay triple, you could have your own en suite and other amenities.

The world will never change.. Some are born rich, some are born poor. And we'll probably stay this way for the rest of our lives truth be told. 

NOTE: Click on each photo to enlarge :)

monster in the wardrobe

who doesn't want a motley mosaic bathtube?

such a hi tech flash TV ... for the 80's

this 1992 newspaper cutting translates "appreciate your other half" 

hungry for some Neo Neo?

i think i just walked into a paedophile's room.... time to run...

 Aw shoot, there's no where to hide in the lounge

Look out for Part 4 - Who is the mysterious girl...

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