Monday, February 16, 2015

Not so Hollywood: Shaw Brothers Studio (邵氏兄弟)

Shaw Brothers Studio - used to be the biggest TV studio and film set in Asia, 20 years ago.

Best part? Walking into a zombie mannequin in a pitch black film set and letting out the biggest scream that the whole Hong Kong heard.

Didn't have a flash light or a tripod. Just me, my guts and my camera.

step 1: roll through the overgrown jungle

step 2: climb over the fence

step 3: I insist you make this your wallpaper

i wonder whose famous buttocks sat on this couch once upon a time

i wonder when was the last time this light shone - <my HK auntie said 2003> 

for those who don't believe I actually set foot inside the heavily guarded facility

couldn't find bloody mary, despite being surrounded by 4 walls of mirrors

never guna be a movie star, but at least i've been on a 80's film set

abandoned corridor 101 - please make this your wallpaper if you didn't follow step 3

looking at this desk gave me tetanus

Lo Lan is now an old grandma - shows how ancient these polaroids are

bye bye

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