Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Howl of Five Thousand Foetuses [Part 1]

Or was it the howl of the typhoon? Yes i know i'm not the first to enter this but i bet you no one has gone in the middle of a tropical typhoon (Typhoon Nida FYI), alone.

This place specialised in cheap abortions, colonoscopies and dialysis - a private elective procedure kind of place, if you didn't qualify for the (very shitty) public health system. But because the land belonged to the Church, they didn't want another 5000 foetuses on their list of sins. So 1966-2012 RIP and the 100,000s of baby souls.


Sorry, urbex is all about breaking rules. 
And i had no other option than to kick half the door down in midst of a typhoon.

Off to the wards on Level 5! Totally PIXAR lamp themed!

Want to sit? Sign up to our dialysis package!

i really couldn't work out the purpose of this window. But who cares, it looks cool!

Welcome to the Level 6 Wards (FYI i took the creepy stairs, the elevator didn't work) 
[Augmentin = Amoxycillin + Clavulanic Acid]

Cubicle Life

Cubicle #1

Cubicle #2

Yet to be finished.

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