Saturday, August 8, 2015

Last and the Least

Day 1 House 4 - If the others were a beauty, 11 Richmond Hill Rd is a beast.

I hate being mean, but really this looked and smelt more like a hoarder's abode...

Always encouraging

Paedophile's dream

That in the background, I find out later is what the NZ ARMY used for live military target practise...

This oven is so old... it was the same model as the one our family owned in the 1970's..

I see why the three children left now 

Little ol' Sofie Graf-Russell - She's in the same year as me and after some research I think she now works at a pub in Queenstown and is anorexicly skinny if you're looking for other differences!


  1. :) hows hk?? Angus and Rachael

  2. :) hows hk?? Angus and Rachael

    1. Keep glued to the upcoming posts and you shall see!