Friday, August 7, 2015

The Ghetto of India

Day 1 House 1 Sumner

face it, this is probably the closest i'll get to a real indian ghetto. reality: Somewhere on Wakefield Ave but i'll still treasure this place as the first discovery Aaron and I made in the suburb of the quake damaged Sumner. Ghetto really means a condemned house filled with junk that no one is legally able to go in a retrieve. India is really this girl called Indy Kraal. She went to St Andrews College, a private college in CHCH and just graduated from physiotherapy at AUT. She is a year older than me and loves competing in triathlons. Funny if I meet her one day at work... 

These pink stickers decorating front doors of million dollar houses in Sumner are usually what people dread. But to our eyes it means we've struck gold! Aaron says when he goes on shopping sprees in peoples condemned houses he doesn't want to know a thing about who they were. But I guess I don't take a thing (apart from all the dust and mould I inhale) so that's why I make it my purpose to find out as much as I can about some random family while I trespass. 

Owner of the house and India's mother is Helen Kraal. She works for Deloitte and her ex-husband Philip Kraal owns an Italian restaurant somewhere in CHCH.

Oh my! Then who is Craig Prior? He is the golf obsessed partner of Helen who works for the Police - note the police dog plush.. Yes golf obsessed as in the garage looked like a golf shop, with myriads of golf bags, golf hats, golf shoes etc. 

I was a tad hungry - but after I realised how everything in the pantry expired in 2011, I lost all my appetite. The only thing that wasn't expired was the Chambord, which Aaron took no surprise..

Such a pity I was covered in dust but the water was cut off in such a flash showerbox.. 

Saad looking Saab.  

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