Friday, January 3, 2014

Fifth Forgotten: The Piano Place

always had this fantasy in the back of my mind to play an abandoned piano. 

And with Mendelssohn's Song Without Words that I remember from another lifetime I ticked this off the bucket list!

But aside from that fact, this central ex-English language school of 4 empty floors didn't have too much of a "wow" factor...

Lone chair watching the sad busy world go by. I wish I could do that...

What the chair could see!

This place had a ballroom kind of vibe. Just missing some soul for me to dance with....

Kitchens had its guts and soul ripped out. It can make ghost chips tho (joke for the kiwis out there!) 

10 year old toiletries and a sink full of pigeon crap. That's about as exciting as it got..

And some fresh air.

And yes this was how I figured this used to be English school in 2002

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