Thursday, January 2, 2014

Second time: Let's go clubbing

No longer being a virgin for trespassing, I found the guts to go exploring alone. Just me, my phone and my torch. (the blue spot in photos is my $10 energiser torch)

Bit of research ( ) told me that this was a has-been club from the 60's-90's. Rumour says that this place was so popular Mick Jagger performed here in its hey day. One side, the club with the pumping music and dance floors was called "Box." The other side with the double bass, saxophones, cigars and lounge music was called "Cause Celebre." 

After climbing through a pile of rubble then through a tiny window, I found myself in a large empty room I presume used to be a dance floor. Pictured is the door to the kitchen. 

Ready for demolition, the main dancefloor/lounge unforunately had no more remnants of what used to the ultimate music scene of Auckland. So I found more fun in the kitchens and toilets! I did find receipts for Carlton Party Hire and gig stickers from all over the 90's in the kitchen though!

The oven looked a bit morbid. Like a corpse fridge at a mortuary.

16 year old oil (closed '97) in the deep fryer

I wonder which famous DJ/band once used these urinals!

And to give myself the biggest adrenaline rush, a freezer filled with pigeons. Yes I screamed. 

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