Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Carbonisation Plant VS Zombies

First leg of this urbex roadtrip and I'm blown away already, shows how we all need to get our of Auckland once in a while!

This place was so worth getting stabbed by overgrown gorse bushes, we practically cried our way through five minutes of those evil thorns to get to this amazing location

This place used to be a small coal mining town in the early 1900's but now all that remains is this coal processing carbonisation plant, which has operated to the 1985.

This plant was the first of it's kind in the Southern Hemisphere, super high tech for 1930. But it heavily polluted the surroundings, so by 1985 when there was a big explosion this place was closed for good. It remain super hazardously toxic and the government only decided to clean it up in 2006, by flooding it. (Hence the submersion, we had to ninja ourselves up a balcony to avoid this noxious slump)

Literally EVERYTHING was rusted. Even the floor we stood on, so we had to float like a butterfly in hope we don't fall into the toxic pool. I guess they didn't have stainless steel in the 1930's did they?

What a smashing view from the top floor. Was even better in real life, have to see it for yourself!

Anybody keen for a rollercoaster ride?

Hi rusted wardrobe box thing!

Giant incinerator, I'd make my pizza here if it wasn't going to poison me!

360 degrees of picture-perfect views from this less than perfect building, how ironic!

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