Thursday, January 2, 2014

Humble Debut: Challenge House

So with my heart set on delving into places people have long erased from their memories and an adventurous spirit, all I needed was a place to start. With some good luck and a few emails, veteran urbexer Tansix took me under his wing.

I wasn't completely blown away by the six levels of complete emptiness of what was formerly an office building active till the late 90's. Strewn with broken glass, building debris pigeon feathers, nests and eggs, the building has seen better days. But then the top level, with some sunshine was simply beautiful (unlike the previous five floors of darkness!)

No, not curtains. But then why were there 5 levels darkness? The government decided that the graffiti-ed windows were an eyesore, so in preparation for the 2011 Rugby World Cup painted all the windows grey as pictured in Google Maps. Devoid of sunlight, that's why the previously beautiful interior has become musty and dark. 

After a climb through some rusty doors, a few ladders and a few grazes on corrugated iron, I found a view that ain't half bad for Auckland City

The only reason the top floor was beautiful was because of these smashed windows that allowed some natural light to illuminate the interior.

Some call it vandalism, some call it art. But it was really spectacular how colourful the inside was despite the exterior. Almost two decades of spray-painting have accumulated to motley display. 

Elevator machine thing on roof. Spamming the elevator buttons with no response :(

The underground of this building I take it used to be a nightclub of some sort, complete with a kitchen and a DJ dock. But it's stripped of any sort of evidence or any memorabilia that this used to be a place of partying.

Random fire alarm switch.

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